Bye bye Android, hello KaiOS

  Two nights ago, while I was about to start making dinner, I casually put my smart phone down on the end of the kitchen bench. Just as I've done a gazillion times before. Except this time I missed the bench. I'm not sure how I missed the bench, it's large and ugly, and fairly... Continue Reading →

A walk – a quatrain

  Out of the house For a walk down the road The evening air was crisp and pleasing Yet back home I strode  


I'm unsure that is the kind of blog post that I want on this site, but under the current global circumstances, I feel that I need to communicate. 2 years ago, this site was well abandoned. It's not the only thing that was abandoned. Ok, here goes...  2 years ago I was working as a... Continue Reading →

Nacho Pizza, tormentor of my dreams

Of storms that are docking, All my soul within me knocking, But in fact it was the chattering, With such a passion for splattering, It was locking, mocking, shocking! By the grave I saw the nachos. Eagerly I looked for scampering, But distinctly I was hampering, And so you came gently clapping, Back into my... Continue Reading →

Planting – No weeds!

I'm not the greatest of gardener's, but I'm thinking some of these will help. That is; will help fill in the garden, and I don't have to think about it, or maintain it much. Maybe after I've plugged these plants in, I'll take a photo? Geraniums:, Geraniums Roses:, Rose - Appleblossom Mexican daisy:... Continue Reading →

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